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  • 16 Things All Best Friends Who Live Far Away Know To Be True

    1. The moving day is highly emotional. Whether you’re moving an hour away, or another state away, the emotions are just the same. 2. And when you arrive to your new destination, they’re the first person you text.  Apart from your parents of course. 3. You get used to a life of communicating through Facebook […] More

  • Osman Khalid Butt Reveals He’s Gay

    The very talented and versatile Osman Khalid Butt accidentally revealed he is gay. An old tweet surfaced from 2013; (deleted earlier today) of Osman replying to a fan or friend revealing he is gay. After years of hiding and avoiding questions about his sexual orientation, actor Osman Khalid Butt’s old tweet and blog post revealed […] More

  • 9 Low-Key Places to Eat in Karachi

    Waheed Ke Kabab, Burns Road ( rps 220):  This scrumptious plate of Fry Kabab is not only cheap but so good! Me and my parents go there ever since my childhood and the quality of this food has never been compromised! Each plate of kabab tastes exactly the same every time. You’re not a true […] More

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