16 Things All Best Friends Who Live Far Away Know To Be True

1. The moving day is highly emotional.

Whether you're moving an hour away, or another state away, the emotions are just the same.

Whether you’re moving an hour away, or another state away, the emotions are just the same.

2. And when you arrive to your new destination, they’re the first person you text.

Apart from your parents of course.

 Apart from your parents of course.

3. You get used to a life of communicating through Facebook messages at any random time.

4. And you get in the habit of watching dramatic episodes of your favourite shows over the phone.



5. You miss the times you could see them every other day and be able to whinge about petty life problems.

Or the chill times you used to hang out eating junk food and watching Netflix.

7. As well as the times you would randomly go for drives out of pure boredom, singing badly to your favourite songs.

8. Every birthday, long weekend or holiday is an excuse to try and get together.

9. And when they visit it’s ridiculously exciting and you want to drag them around everywhere.

10. Your nights out are automatically better when you’re with them.

11. And you save up certain stories for them because you know they’ll sound better in person…

12. …though a lot of the time it turns into an explosion of nonsensical stories that only make sense to the two of you.

13. And two days over a weekend just never seems enough.

14. You get an inane jealousy when you see them having a good time without you.


15. Which is quickly forgotten when they fill you in on hilarious stories from their night.

16. And though you do make other friends, there’s nothing quite like having that person who knows you inside out.