9 Low-Key Places to Eat in Karachi

  1. Waheed Ke Kabab, Burns Road ( rps 220):  This scrumptious plate of Fry Kabab is not only cheap but so good! Me and my parents go there ever since my childhood and the quality of this food has never been compromised! Each plate of kabab tastes exactly the same every time. You’re not a true Karachiite if you haven’t tried this yet. It’s served with complimentary fresh naan. What more do ya want?

2. Fresco Ke Dahi Baray (Rps 100):

You know that food everyone talks about and their brand image propels in a certain way that you just remember their brand name ‘Fresco‘ and not the actual item? FRESCO ke dahi bharray are the best!! The correct intensity of dhai, the spongey bharrays with yummy chaat masala and papdri, YUMMY! I miss having them every iftar and every evening with chai!!

3. COOL INN’s CHICKEN Zinger BURGER (Rps 220):

Whenever I’m super stressed (exams, hormones, school and etc), my go-to comfort food was always Cool Inns  Crispy Zinger Burger AND IT WAS BOMB AF.  The chicken tender yet crispy, melting cheese in-between that slightly sweet sesame bun. SO GOOOD! Their fries never fail either, they taste almost as good as Mc D fries!!

4. United King Bakery’s Spring Rolls & Samosay:

The starters such as samosas, spring rolls and drum sticks taste like heaven! The best part is during Ramadan you can preorder frozen rolls/samosas and fry them! I also loved their sandwiches.


5. Flamingo ki chaat (rps 100):

The right amount of sour chutney, cholay(chickpeas), paprdi, chillies and onions sprinkled YUMMMMM!! Cash me eating chaat, how bout dahh? This is so far the most ambrosial chaat I’ve ever eaten. I remember my school was at a walking distance from Boat Basin and I would always visit Flamingo to grab a plate of this chaat and everything would be alright again!


6. Nutella Paratha, Chai Wala (rps 200):


YOU heard it right… Two things we desis love: Nutella and PARATHAAAA. Imagine how surreal does it sound. What’s even better is the fact that it tastes as good as it looks. They don’t just have nutella flavored but they have variety of parathas such as cheese, keema, aloo, meetha, zeera and etc etc. They also serve it amazing kashmiri/kahwa/doodh pati chai.

7. Silver Spoon Rolls , Allama Iqbal Road (rps 130):

This is also one of my favorite childhood places to eat. Order Malai Chicken Tikka Boti Roll or even beef, but I’m a chicken lover so this tasted best for me. The mouthwatering grilled chicken tikka with onions and oily af paratha… Dip it in with some raita and I’m deceased. DEAD. It’s filling so you don’t have to order anything else on the menu!!


8. Agha Juice Corner

Y’all already heard good things about it by so many people. People love it so much that they’ve branches in abroad such as in DALLAS! Their faloodas, shakes and juices are to die for.. I always remember ordering pomegranate or malta or grapefruit juice. They are fresh and healthy!


9. Kaybees Ice Cream Cone (Rps 100):

OMG reviving childhood memories because we had to eat this quickly before it melted. The cone is crunchy and with the scorching heat of Karachi, it was a bliss to have this ice cream! I love it and it’s their signature cone. The berry flavor mixed with vanilla, oh god! I’m legit craving this RN. It’s worth the try. They have other items on the menu too which taste fairly good such as their club sandwiches, burgers and etc.


So, these are my top low-key favorite places I would visit when I was in Karachi. I’m not a food expert but I can guarantee you most desis love these places and they’re as good as their hyped up to be . 🙂